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The Mart is a horror-comedy comic series about a fictional multinational retail corporation that explores the grotesque and supernatural underbelly of consumerism, corporate greed and pop culture. All works and merchandise are created, published and distributed under The Mart Comics, LLC.

In 2011, Andrew and Daniel began developing the concept of a story titled, The Butcher, from which The Mart Comics series was born. While most of the early years were spent haphazardly, the last two have been the most productive of the series and we are proud to finally share our hard work with you. Readers can anticipate the release of short stories over the next several months and with your support and some good luck, we aspire to unveil the complete Butcher Saga.

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Andrew Feeney

True SOB...

Co-creator, Writer

Andy is from Chicago, IL. He studied English at Depaul University with a focus on creative writing and screen plays. Andy has spent lifetime reading and collecting comics and looks forward to cultivating his comic book writing for his latest project, The Mart.

Daniel Feeney

True SOB...

Co-creator, Writer, Illustrator

Daniel lives in Chicago, IL. He graduated DePaul University in 2010 with a BA in Mangagment Information Systems. Daniel is a technical writer professionally but enjoys the freedoms of fiction. He has been drawing since he was a kid and loves that art is still a daily opportunity. He looks forward to creating many Tales from the Mart.

Contributing Artists

Marcello Biott

Marcelo Biott is an artist from Chicago- heavily inspired by his life long love for comics, science fiction stories, and every bit of pop culture he can get his hands on, he creates images and stories you've never thought of, but wish you did. He enjoys robots, hot wings, and writing/illustrating his self-published comic InfraCity and many other stories

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Marika Brousianou

Markika Brousianou

Marika is a visual storyteller focusing on illustrations for Graphic Novels and Comic Books. She believes that images tell stories in their own special way. She is both an illustrator and a painter, skilled in traditional and digital media. Marika studied visual arts at Deree College in Athens, Greece and illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She has participated in group exhibitions both in Greece and San Francisco and is currently working on her first graphic novel of human misery entitled "Eight Fifty Three".

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Keith Grassnick

Keith Grassnick

Keith Grassmick is a Michigan based illustrator. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, and The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Keith loves action movies and heavy metal, and brings those influences into his comics and paintings.

Keith's Home Page

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