Horror in the Aisles

Tales from the Mart is an anthology of comics that take place within our fictional big box store, The Mart. The stories told will satirize consumerism, greed and pop culture through brutal horror and belly aching laughs. All of the Tales take place within the same universe and characters may recur.

dwarls I

June 2018

Dwarls I

Summer is here and The Mart is back with a fantastical Tale from the Mart. Follow Luis as he tries to figure out what the hell is going on his store.. if he doesn' get fired for asking too many questions first. He's doing it all for the kids to boot.

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The Freightening III

April 2017


The epic end to the Freightening saga! Will Homer and Brando's bastards defeat the vile trash monster? Or will we all be consumed by our own trash?

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The Freightening II

December 2017


He's baaa-aaaaaaack. And he's got a smelly ass. We rejoin the brave, barbaric, bastardous crew of the SS Brando as they chart a course to send the vile beast to Davey Jone's dumpster. Yarggh.

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The Freightening I

April 2017


Inspired by a world of garbage, The Mart Comics presents a fisherman's tale of trash on the high seas. Join the savage crew of the SS Brando scraping by in a market sterilized by super fleets of commercial fishers.

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Black Moon Friday

November 2016


Thanksgiving dinner over, time to take the whole family down to The Mart to ring in yule-tide savings. One employee takes things into his own cheeks when things get out of control.

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Clink Clink

October 2016


Some times we feel like someone is watching us. Our boss, a stranger across the room, Big Brother? Our latest Tale From the Mart follows a voyeuristic Mart employee Amanda. How deep does she go down the rabbit hole? Read the latest issue here. Print issue illustrated by Marcello Biott, Keith Grassmick, Marika Brousianna, cover and title art Daniel Feeney

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May 2016


A man's destiny cooked up in the twisting aisles of The Mart. A gardener who could not help but follow in his ancestor's footsteps. Impatience interbred with genius leads to a biological thriller. Illustrated by Dan Feeney.

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